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Why exactly Sandanski?

For it is in this place for millennia.
Because the climate is mild, with Mediterranean influence and there are many sunny days a year.
Because springs are healing.
Because air is a natural cure for asthma and other respiratory allergies.
Because the park is unique.
Because it is located on the southwestern slopes of beautiful Pirin.
Because the land around it is a paradise in which year are born superior fruits and vegetables, incl. figs, almonds, pomegranates, persimmons.
Because this is the birthplace of the legendary Spartacus.
Because here are Roupite - the holy place of Vanga.
Because here is the wine town of Melnik.
Because 90 minutes from here is White (Aegean) Sea.
Because 90 minutes from here is Bansko.
Because 100 minutes from here is Thessaloniki.
Because 150 minutes from here in Stagira, was born the ancient genius of thought, the father of science - Aristotle.
Because 120 minutes from here in Pella, was born Philip II (Philip of Macedonia) and his son, a student of Aristotle - Alexander the Great.
Because 120 minutes from here is Sofia.
Because the town is surrounded by the unique natural and historical attractions.